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icons! EW | GG | OC | VM

Here we have icons inspired by a Bright icon from my last icon post (the one I'm posting with). It got such good feedback I decided to make more icons using the same technique. Besides, it helps to examplify the tutorial I'm posting next.

Young TV Stars
4 Everwood
4 Gilmore Girls
4 The OC
4 Veronica Mars

05. Rory | light up the world, smile 10. Ryan | shattered like a dream 13. Veronica | girl from mars

01. Ephram | all your dreams are waking up 02. Amy | stuck in a moment
03. Bright | bright 04. Bright | shattered dreams

Gilmore Girls
05. Rory | light up the world, smile 06. Rory | true beauty
07. Logan | keep it cool 08. Dean | broken like a promise

The OC
09. Ryan | weakness in my faith 10. Ryan | shattered like a dream
11. Summer | let me feel 12. Seth | I wanna be happy

Veronica Mars
13. Veronica | girl from mars 14. Veronica | looking for the truth
15. Logan | all I want to do is just surrender 16. Duncan | worth fighting for
Tags: icons, icons: everwood, icons: gilmore girls, icons: the oc, icons: veronica mars
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