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Friends #2: 40/100

So... 20 more Friends icons. I've made 40 so far, so I only have 60 more to go. But you know what? It's been fun. Anyway, we have
10 TOW No-one's Ready (my all time favorite)
4 TOW Rachel's Sister/TOW Chandler Can't Cry (Reese goodness!)
6 miscelaneous episodes
Oh, and yeah, commenting is always nice, even if you don't take any. :)

01. I wrote a little song today. It's called GET UP 02. supporting Christmas 03. chemistry
04. that's right. I'm taking the essence 05. breezy 06. wow
07. follow you 08. going commando 09. Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?
10. I'm not gonna go, so I think that acomplishes the not going 11. you didn't just sit on my kit kats, did you? 12. if I could I would freeze time
13. sisters 14. worries 15. Chandler can cry
16. daring 17. wicked game 18. our little secret
19. blast from the past 20. pure joy
Tags: icons, icons: friends
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