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Friends #4: 80/100

My forth 20-icon batch for icons100. Now it's only one final batch and I'll have made it! I am running out of ideas, though. Do you have a Friends screencap you would like to see iconed? Just comment with it. If you're taking any icon(s), please comment and let me know. You know what? why don't you comment anyway, and tell me what you like and what you don't like on them?

01. lonely 02. miracle of life 03. love lift us up
04. smile 05. bracelet buddies 06. tipical girl behaviour
07. here we are 08. crazy 09. laugh
10. Thanksgiving: friends style 11. dancing queen 12. it'll be forever
13. could have been 14. big hug 15. cheesecake buddies
16. she stands out 17. the guy who peed on me 18. bad hair day
19. aftermath 20. smelly cat
Tags: icons, icons: friends
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