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Friends #5: 100/100

Wow! I've made it! This is my final batch of Friends icons for icons100. It's been fun. I probably could make more, if finding good enough caps wasn't so hard. Why doesn't people cap Friends anyway? We could totally use more caps.

Anyway... credit and comment if taking; comment even if you don't take. I always like to know what you guys think.

So, without further ado... 20 Friends icons.

01. perfect for each other 02. hang in there 03. show
04. small accident 05. cooling it off 06. get off my sister!
07. not working 08. just a way to pass time 09. fell asleep
10. it's us 11. heartbreaking 12. [hush]
13. maybe I'll dance for you 14. picture perfect 15. hello Mr. Rachel
16. world's worst hangover 17. giving the finger without actually doing it 18. perfection
19. Rosite dies 20. vain guys

previous batches:
Friends #1: 20/100
Friends #2: 40/100
Friends #3: 60/100
Friends #4: 80/100

Next up... Pleasantville icons. I've been in the Pleasantville mood lately.
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