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ABC of Pleasantville

I chose Pleasantville as my subject at abc_icons, and it's all done! So... here you go. 26 Pleasantville icons. Please comment and let me know what you think of them.


A is for Alone M is for Moment O is for Overrated

a) alone b) basketball c) couch potato
d) detail e) expectations f) fire
g) gee whizz h) honey, I'm home i) living in the past
j) jury k) kiss l) geography lessons
m) moments like this n) new beginning o) talking is overrated
p) picture perfect q) quite quaint r) rescue
s) swell t) new times coming u) the cool side of the uterus
v) vivid colors w) weird sickness x) extre wild
y) yummy z) zealous

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