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ABC of Reese Witherspoon

ABC of Reese Witherspoon. I actually have two S's and two W's because I made a point of doing an icon of each of her movies (or at least the ones I could find caps of), so... yeah. Anyway, enjoy!

a) American psycho b) Best laid plans c) Cruel intentions
d) Desperate chioces: to save my child e) Election f) Fear
g) Girls just wanna have fun h) just like Heaven i) the Importance of being earnest
j) Jack, the bear k) one of a Kind l) Legally blonde
m) Man on the Moon n) little Nicky o) Overnight delivery
p) Pleasantville q) Quite colorful r) Red, white & blonde
s) Sweet home alabama s2) Sfw t) Twilight
u) Unique v) Vanity fair w) Walk the line
w2) Wild flower x) eXtra beautiful y) be Yourself
z) happy Zone

I think my next post will be a miscelaneous one. I don't know. I have a couple of "left overs" from those last batches, and I also have a few that never got posted. I've also signed up for Veronica Mars at 25of_, though. But it's been so long since I last saw a VM episode... I might have to watch one so I can feel inspired for that. Brazilian people, anyone knows which episode they're showing this week? It's on at, like, 6PM Tuesday, right? Terrible, terrible schedule for such a good show.
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