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Since I can't update my sites because this whole computer/internet issue going on, I've been making toons of icons. I've saved them all in a floopy disc, so I can upload them to my icon collective through my uni's computer. But I've only been able to upload a couple of them, because the damn thing is just too slow. So meanwhile, I guess I'll post them here.

Gilmore Girls (entries at gg_challenge & gilmore_chorus )
01. <--- [got Best Colouring ;)] 02. 03. 04. 05.

The OC (entries at theoc_chorus & oc_stillness & ociconchallenge)
06. 07. 08. 09.

Joan of Arcadia (entry at joa_challenge)
10. [got third place! :)]

A Walk to Remember (entries at shippericontest)
11. 12.

Notting Hill (entry at movicon)
13. [got mod's choice! :)]

Miscellaneous (entries at i_contest)
14. 15.

There's a few more, but they're either not uploaded to photobucket or they're in the current round, so I can't post them.
Tags: icons, icons: a walk to remember, icons: gilmore girls, icons: joan of arcadia, icons: notting hill, icons: random, icons: the oc
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