Glee | taking chances

saphire and faded jeans

Yes, it is 3AM and I'm still up! Because I'm currently on a huge TOEFL high! I just got my results back and I got a 108 out of 120 points! And that's a freaking awesome score! So, yeah! I've even called my mom! I know, I know, I should have waited until tomorrow, but I just needed someone to celebrate with me!

Now let's lay off the exclamation point fest. Anyway, yeah. Pretty happy about that.

In other news, I didn't break my own vows and I *did* manage to go to the gym everyday last week. Honestly, I feel great. I'll try to do it again this week, but I might have to skip one day because of my uncle who is in town and probably will want to go to dinner or something. I'm really hoping it's not on one of the days of my favorite classes, though.

Plans for tomorrow include: make reservations for my birthday dinner, spend half of the afternoon at Starbucks (I'm craving a toffee nut frapuccino and, damn it, I deserve it), get my brother's ipod from the repair, go to a few stores and see if I can find myself a new dress for my birthday, and go to the gym.

But right now I couldn't care less about any of it because I got a 108 on my toefl! Yay!
Glee | broadway legends

Hollywood needs us

I'm currently watching American Idol. Weird (for me), right? It's only because it's Cheno's episode, though, so I guess I'm justified. She looks so pretty and adorable! I plan on watching NPH's episode as well, so. It's also a good way to kill time until the SAG awards are on.

Today I spent the whole day cleaning out my closet. It was exhausting, but oh so needed. I'm not completely done yet, though. I still have to go through winter clothes. Man, this stuff sucks.

In other news, I worked out this week! Believe it or not, I actually went to the gym three times. Next week, I'm planing on going every day. Well, actually, I can't go on monday because it's a holiday in here, but everyday after that, yes.

Also, my mom, brother and grandma have bought their tickets to come here for my birthday, so that's set. I have to plan what we're gonna do and make restaurant reservations and everything, but at least now I know it's happening so I can prepare.

Plans for tomorrow include going through the rest of my clothes and also hitting the mall with a friend and possibly going to the movies. Not necessarily in that order.
Glee | maybe this time I'll win

maybe this time I'll be lucky

My Engish exam went pretty well, I think. The results will be out in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I gotta prepare the rest of my applications. Boring, I know, but somehow I'm excited!

Trying to convince myself to get out of the apartment today. I want to go be with the three-dimensional people, but I'm oh so lazy. I should try and get my little brother's ipod fixed. I also really need to find the will to work out. Really need to.

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Reese | be yourself

we've got the lights on, let's have some fun

I just realized today is the first official day of my astrological hell. I don't really feel it, though. Hope this year will be a calm one for me. Maybe even something good could happen? It's nice to dream, right?

The studying plan hasn't really worked so far, but I'm gonna get started on that as soon as I post this. Yes. That's a good plan. Okay. Let's get to it. God, procrastination, thy name is me.
Glee | maybe this time I'll win

we all need somebody to lean on

Mom was here for the day (long story) and we went Christmas shopping at this mall a little farther away from my place, but, man, can you say cheap? We got presents for all of my cousins. Plus, I bought so many cute dresses! I am *this close* to taking pictures of the dresses and posting here because I have pretty much no girl friends in this city and I totally fell like being girly and talking about my new clothes. [/consumist]

Wow, Christmas shopping. And the mall had their Christmas decoration up and everything. Wow. Seriously, this year? Gone. And I barely noticed it.

Well, there's still time for something to turn up great for me, so... fingers crossed.

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Glee | gotta fly once

foi às 22 horas e 12 minutos

Half of Brazil is on a complete blackout right now. Luckily, I'm actually in my hometown, Natal, and the lights are on around this parts. But I'm supposed to catch a flight to São Paulo in a couple of hours, and the blackout is fully functional in there, so I'm not even sure if I'll be able to board my plane. Cross your fingers for me!
Veronica Mars | Logan looking down

Not my father's son: a Logan Echolls fanmix

I signed up to make fanmixes for the gift exchange over at vm_redux and it's time to post! Yay!
So, my giftee was montisello and I got her two gifts! This is the second one.

The prompt was: montisello decided to "give in to her shameless Logan adoration and say the whole fanmix should focus on him". She also gave I'm not my father's child as a prompt, and I thought that would be a perfectly good start for a Logan fanmix, so... ta-da! Hope you like it!

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