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14 February
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Sim, sei bem
Que nunca serei alguém.
Sei de sobra
Que nunca terei uma obra.
Sei, enfim,
Que nunca saberei de mim.
Sim, mas agora,
Enquanto dura esta hora,
Este luar, estes ramos,
Esta paz em que estamos,
Deixem-me crer
O que nunca poderei ser.
---Fernando Pessoa

20-something Brazilian girl. Double major: Psychology and Journalism. Huge Shakespeare fan. Romantic comedies freak. Tipical aquarius. Shyly out-going. Eternally undecided. Easy-going, yet high-maintance. Sensible and sensitive. Unpredictable. And so much more.


Time to talk fandom, because LJ is a fan-driven world, and I am a fangirl. TV: Friends {Ross&Rachel}. Sex and the City. Slings & Arrows. Being Erica. Glee {Puck&Rachel}. Veronica Mars {Logan&Veronica}. Lost. How I Met Your Mother. The Big Bang Theory. Once Upon A Time. Smash {Team Ivy!} Movies: Singin' in the Rain. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Pleasantville. (500) Days of Summer. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Books: Through a Glass, Darkly (Jostein Gaarder). The Solitery Mystery (Jostein Gaarder). The DaVinci Code (Dan Brown). When Nietzsche Wept (Irvin D. Yalom).

This journal is half friends only. What does that mean? The light, fun, non-specific stuff will be open so everyone can read; the dark, personal, dramatic stuff will be protected. So if you're only in for the fun, great, but if you really want to get to know me, then comment on this entry, let me know where I know you from (or how you found my journal) and, chances are, I'll add you. If, by any chance, you know me from real life, don't bother.

Icon entries are public and you can take any icons you want. All I ask is that you comment to let me know what you're taking and what you like, and, obviously, credit me. Feel free to browse through them here, or, if you want to see more of them (or in a more organized way), here's my archive: World of Glass. If you take an icon, credit is always mandatory.

If you just want to get in touch with me, try this.

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